Ongoing Inventory and Harvest Planning

St. Joe Timber Company


This project began in April of 2011 when F4 Tech reviewed St. Joe Timber Company’s current and future needs and budget – and provided St. Joe with onsite tools for managing forest inventory data. These tools allow the client to report current and future inventory and support harvest planning.


F4 Tech started building St. Joe’s modeling processes and has taken them from a strata level coarse resolution strategic plan to annual stand level operational harvest planning, which include spatial constraints to meet FSC certification criteria. These models are all discounted cash flow models maximizing NPV with various pulpwood supply agreement constraints. F4 Tech provides St. Joe with annual forest inventory, harvest optimization and planning services, which include delivering strategic scenario results as well as operational planning schedules. The SilvAssist Suite (SilvAssist Mobile and SilvAssist Dashboard) is the integral piece in making the data collection, reporting and analytics work successfully for the client.


Per plot overhead costs have been reduced at least by 50% as reported by the client. Errors are caught much sooner, so there is much more confidence in the data. The greater transparency of the process has also led to a greater reliance on the data to help drive critical business decisions.

Project Status: Ongoing annual maintenance and modeling services