GIS-Mapping is a key step in performing any natural resource assessment or inventory and management project. In addition to mapping of natural community and forest types, cataloguing and documenting the location and condition of physical features and assets (such as culverts, bridges, power poles, outbuildings, wells, recreational facilities, trailheads, gates, fences, and fire lines) are ongoing and integral tasks to sound property management. Without proper inventory and management, costs to repair and/or replace can add a significant undue financial burden to your operation.

Our Experience and Technology Set Us Apart

As an industry leader since 2000, F4 provides clients with better outcomes through regional knowledge, customer service and our unique methods of sharing data.

F4 Tech’s Event Manager technology is an integrated and seamless solution for planning, tracking, and reporting all actions occurring within an ownership. We help minimize the overall costs by doing this for you – providing faster and better results.

We also use the latest technology in remote sensing — including aerial photography, satellite imagery, LiDAR, drones, radar, and publicly available datasets.

In the public sector, F4 Tech has extensive first-hand experience for multiple clients.  As a result, we understand the nuances associated with managing public properties in multiple areas such as field data collection, mapping, and habitat modelling.

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