What We Do

F4 Tech helps its clients identify and quantify natural resources on their lands.  The acquisition of high quality data and information represents the initial and most critical step in developing science-based, long-term resource management decisions. 


All of our public and private clients and partners have specific land management goals and objectives.  F4 Tech has firsthand experience in helping its clients develop, refine, and implement their resource management plans. In addition, the F4 Tech team is comprised of experienced foresters, ecologists, wildlife biologists, and analysts who have worked for multiple agencies and private companies where it was their direct responsibility to develop and implement long-term management plans. With this extensive experience, we fully understand and appreciate that each landowner and their land is unique and strive to help them develop management prescriptions that support their long-term planning needs.

Regardless of the objective, be it the restoration of habitats or the sustainable growth and management of timber resources, we understand that active management is needed to achieve desired future conditions.  Active management tools may include prescribed burning, control of invasive and exotic species, and timber management.