RTI for ArcPad


Real Time Inventory for ArcPad |  With You in the Woods

Real Time Inventory (RTI) is F4 Tech’s patented field inventory software. Built on top of the ESRI’s ArcPad, it complements SilvAssist for ArcGIS and TCruise for a complete forest inventory solution.

RTI for ArcPad Supports:

  • ArcPad (version 7.1  to 10)
  • TCruise for Windows Mobile
  • RTI custom executables

Why choose RTI for ArcPad:

  • Patented and proven technology for cruising
  • Provides the most streamlined process of any forest inventory field solution
  • Helps cruisers spend less time walking between plots
  • Helps improve inventory management and logistics
  • Intuitive map-based environment

What RTI for ArcPad helps you do:  

  • Implement customized versions with your company images, business data and logic
  • Collect data for virtually any type of cruise with TCruise
  • Analyze and report cruises within a geodatabase other spatial data (stands, tracts, etc)
  • Navigate to plot using GPS-based tools
  • Minimize office data prep by use of ArcGIS data manager 
  • Capture statistics such as plots per day, time on plot and time between plots
  • Create databases which include important metadata such as time on plot, cruiser name and visit GPS time/date

ArcPad Real Time Inventory |  With You in the Woods in just a few steps:

  1. Allocate Plots in the desktop with SilvAssist
  2. Check your cruise out with ArcPad Data Manager
  3. Use ArcPad RTI Real Time Inventory to visit plots and take tree tally