SilvAssist Dashboard

The SilvAssist Dashboard brings together all of the components of the SilvAssist Suite to create the next generation of enterprise-level, configurable & customizable data management and decision support solution. This platform is designed to provide complete transparency and the ideal level of data summation throughout all stages of projects, to all stakeholders inside and outside of the organization.


Work Flow Outline

  1.  Inventory design based on customer goals, objectives and specifications
  2. Project uploaded to the cloud
  3. Field crew downloads project and initiates data collection
  4. Two way data synchronization in the cloud
  • Near real time data availability
  • Complete project and organizational transparency
  • Easily consumable data allows for project agility
  • Reallocation of resources for best value proposition
  • Daily map updates – ensures field crew efficiencies


Dashboard Configuration Examples


Dashboard Home – An executive level overview of project status


Calendar – Clear information on when field crews will be working


Contacts – Complete list of players on the project, both from F4 & the Client


Daily Cruiser Production – Includes; # of plots complete, hours in field, number pf plots/hr, trees/plot, avg Dbh & avg height


Documents – Central repository for all documents related to a project


Map – Completely interactive map of current project progress, black dots represent unvisited plots while triangles represent visited plots, and different colored triangles represent individual cruisers.


Data – Actual plot and tree data


Stand Summary – Volume and data averages on a stand by stand basis


Stand & Stock – Volume by pine & hardwood, by product, leveraging client proprietary volume equations


Ownership – Volume and value based on client pricing


For more information or to get a personal demonstration contact:

Tom Walthousen at | 850-309-3950