Repairs / RMA

Any items in need of repair or warranty replacement must be accompanied by an RMA form created from the Return material Authorization link on this page and sent to:

F4 Tech
3059 Highland Oaks Terrace
Tallahassee, FL 32301

**Please Note, This is a new Ship To address
Please allow 7-10 business days for repairs to be made unless you are informed otherwise. Any item that is replaced under warranty must be return shipped to F4 Tech within 10 days or the replacement item will be invoiced at retail price. To ensure that we receive your package in a timely manner, please ship FedEx Ground.

*Reminder - Initial diagnostic fee of $50 (this will be deducted from any performed repairs)

Typical Non-Warranty Repair Rates

Company Info
Shipping Address
Billing Address (Leave Blank if Same as Shipping)
Please submit a list of all items shipped and include a S/N if possible

I have read and understand the attached Customer service and Repair Agreement.