Forestry Consulting

F4 Tech has been a leader in forest inventory design, collection, reporting and analytics since 1999.  Our continued innovation has led us to the next generation of integrated solutions known as the SilvAssist Suite.  These tools provide essential and timely insight for making critical business decisions as never available before.  The benefits are principally of value to executives and key decision makers in any organization.


Can you trust your inventory?

• Who is collecting the data?
• How is it being collected?
• How do you know it is correct or accurate?

A trusted inventory is one that is fully transparent, complete and statistically accurate.  The SilvAssist Suite is specifically designed to allow access to all components of the inventory process.  From individual cruiser, time on and between plots, tree data, comprehensive error checking, geo-referenced plot locations and other such supporting data, SilvAssist Suite is the answer.


What is the cost of uncertainty?

• With just an additional 10% variation, error could impact value by $10,000 on an area as small as 100 acres
• Standing timber inventory value represents can easily be 50% of total land value
• A single inventory plot from a cruise can often represent at least $5,000 in stumpage
• Reduces the trust in economic forecasting

Uncertainty is minimized with the correct tools.  These include proper inventory design, adding accurate geo-location to your inventory, complete field and back-office error checking as well as a proper auditing process. 


Want to know the future of forest inventory?

• Inventory services
• Own the results, not the technology
• Rapid assessments – acquisitions, damage evaluations, etc.
• Cloud based solutions
• No longer one size fits all
• SilvAssist Suite – the industry standard platform


Value of the F4 inventory approach – Next Day Results

• Add location to your inventory
• Increases the lifespan on the investment
• Leverages your GIS for greater analyses
• Reduces the likelihood of error due to incorrect data
• Near real-time data collection to executive decision making
• Move beyond reports with full array of analytics tools


Why do we provide inventory services?

• Provide independent, unbiased deliverables
• Ability to meet any technical hurdle that may arise
• Best-in-class audit process
• Provides a way to continuously improve the forest inventory process
• Agility to meet shifting demands
• Enterprise level data integration capabilities