This new and improved version of SilvAssist has a more user-friendly interface, faster performance, and new tools to support SilvAssist Mobile!


TALLAHASSEE FL. OCTOBER 23, 2014 - F4 Tech is pleased to announce the release of SilvAssist version 3.5. SilvAssist is a set of compelling GIS tools for managing forest inventory data, this solution helps forest managers to become more efficient by quickly providing information needed for critical business decisions. F4 Tech will offer a complimentary upgrade of version 3.5 for all SilvAssist 3.0 users.


The 3.5 enhancements will offer:

  • More intuitive workflow
  • Faster performance
  • Change allocation parameters and re-run without starting over
  • Minimize allocator window to view results of allocation
  • Cancel allocation without committing plots to database
  • Simply create SilvAssist Mobile check-outs
  • Easily check-in map/data from SilvAssist Mobile


The upgrade will allow one to manage the forest inventory process faster than ever before. "This release is one that extends SilvAssist beyond the desktop," said Mark Milligan, President of F4 Tech. "And the user interface as well as performance have been greatly enhanced."