TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA - F4 Tech is proud to announce the release of SilvAssist Toolbar v4.0. 

F4 Tech strives to provide best-in-class products and services to meet our customer's needs. In response to the changing software environment and following Esri and Microsoft's development path, it has become necsessary for us to upgrade SilvAssist Toolbar to adequately adress requirements of these platforms.

As technology and business needs evolve, there are cases were older products and technologies no longer meet market requirements, therefore, it is necessary to end the production and distribution of certain products. Thus, the decision has been made to discontinue SilvAssist Toolbar 3.0 & 3.5 based on the introduction of a newer product with more advanced features and functionality.

In order to help our customers manage any End-of-Life transitions, F4 Tech is offering continued support for this legacy software for two months. No new license codes will be issued after May 30, 2017.

 "F4 Tech believes the resources required to maintain the legacy software can be better allocated to enhance existing solutions and develop new software that better fulfill market needs," said Tom Walthousen, Director of Integrated Solutions.